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       CHAPTER 195

Valley Woodturners

G. Victor Buxton

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Vic Buxton, M.A.Sc. P. Eng. had a long and distinguished career (33 years) with Environment Canada, mostly in executive-level positions and was Canada’s Chief Negotiator for almost all of the Environmental Treaties including the Earth Summit held in Brazil in 1992. He left Government in 1999 and since that time has been traveling extensively as an International Consultant working for the World Bank and a series of United Nations Agencies (UNEP, UNDP, UNITAR, UNIDO). He has worked in 68 countries to date, where he evaluates programs, project performance and evaluates and recommends results-based management systems and accountability mechanisms.

Vic has been the recipient of numerous awards both in Canada and abroad: Environment Canada Award of Excellence (1987); UNEP Citation of Excellence (1988); Government of Canada Award of Excellence (1989); Canada 125 Medal (for service to Canada) (1993); UNEP/Austrian Government Ozone Layer Prize (1995); USA EPA Ozone Award (1996); Environment Canada Award in recognition of Leadership on culminating negotiation of the $82 Million USD India CFC Phase-out (1999); Natural Resources Canada Biotechnology Award (2000); for leadership contribution to the development of this emerging sector; Recipient of UNEP “Visionary Award” for outstanding contribution to the protection and preservation of the Ozone Layer – Sept 2007. He has been featured in the Ottawa Citizen as an environmental innovator whose life has made a positive difference to the planet.

Vic joined the Valley Wood turners in 1999 and is now on his third lathe scaling up as lathe shortfalls became apparent. Although visually impaired part time turner (due to his ongoing consultancy work), he has produced a large assortment of plates bowls, vases, and hollow forms. He also makes cigar pens to pass out as gifts to his clients in developing countries. His interest over the last few years has been with regard to segmented turning and is the only person in the club currently creating 24-36 inch high open and closed “floor vases” which pose severe technical challenges due to the extreme extensions from the headstock. Some contain as many as 830 glued pieces. He has created a number of jigs to facilitate the creation of these floor vases and is willing to share his knowledge and experience in this area with club members.


Some of Vic's Segmented Vases

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Nov. 16, 2003 No title Aug 2009 No title Nov. 16, 2003 No title July 2009 No title

Some of the steps for making segmented vases

The beginning The beginning The beginning
The beginning The beginning Working all the bugs out?

More of Vic's work

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